What will happen if a player unscbscribe the supporter plan?

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  1. What will happen to his/her extra and utopia plots?
  2. i think it will still be there
  3. it lasts until your paid sub is over, then your a free member

    i have heard it takes around a week to process cancel orders, so it would take like a week after canceling the sub before it takes effect on it, so if you canceled at like january 20th 2012, it wouldn't process till after the next payment
  4. At the moment there is no system in place to reclaim a once supporter's utopia lot :)

    Justin would say:

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  5. Justin and jeremy grief ur lot then dont let u fix it
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  6. We'd have to ban them for griefing then :)
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  7. haha ban the admins? The surefire way to make the whole Empire go belly up XD
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  8. Currently we do not take away lots for supporters that stop supporting. However we do plan on coming up with a policy that will probably be you have 10 days to choose what lot to keep or something similar.

    They are cancelled the same day unless PayPal rejects the API for some reason, then it is the next day. It does not take a week :)
  9. you quoted my post! MY LIFE IS COMPLETE!!!!! :DDDD

    and thanks for correcting me, i cant go around with false knowledge :)
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