What was your first username

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  1. hello I am Bat_King35787, but once known as batroach. I have finally changed my name and I was thinking what were your first usernames (if you changed it). If you still have your original username just say hi. Thumbs up is great...I know this is not Youtube.
  2. My first username was FDNY21 :rolleyes:
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  3. My first username was Chocolate800 :p
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  4. My first username was Ultimamaxx and then I changed it to UltiPig last month. Also, why would you want to change your username from something cool (batroach) to something with special characters and numbers in it?
  5. TomvanWijnen. :)
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  6. I was Defne_The_Boss at first, then I changed to DefnePlaysBarbie. (please don't ask about that one :p) After that I changed back to Defne_The_Boss for a while before changing to Dufne. My name is currently Doofni and I'm waiting to change back to Dufne.
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  7. Bro_im_infinite
  8. PlasmaBanana
    Those who have ever changed their name are not my true friends.
  9. Rude :eek:
    Originally was L3A8 and now is Keliris as well... Keliris sounds better.
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  10. My first name was ChefNub!!!
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  11. Once a NetherSpecter, always a NetherSpecter. Even if not a NetherSpecter.
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  12. No comment.

    I was once Qwerty189, then Rhythmic, then Rhythmical, then Rhythmically, then Defne_b_ded, and now I'm Rhythmically again. :)
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  13. DeathPunchKitty :p I refuse to change it, ever.
  14. Byeforeverthe2nd

    I changed it to ForeverMaster0 to make it fit more with my personality.
  15. I used to be jay2a. Now I'm Jay2a.
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  16. NathanRP I will never change it my dad made it up when he helped set up my account and it just stuck ever sense
  17. My original name was TehrandomX. It was changed due to the fact I was mistaken to be a boy on many occasions... FYI TehrandomX was made up by my brother whom owned the account at the time.