What voting streak is needed forgetting prizes??

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  1. Can anybody please tell me what is the list for getting prizes and at what voting streak?? Thanks. In advance guys :)
  2. Oops the title is spelled wrong...
  3. I think every 5 days is an emerald and every 6 days is a diamond, or something like that :p I believe the voting boots is at 20 streak. I have the rest of it somewhere I think, but it would take some finding, and I am currently on my phone. Hopefully somebody else knows it/knows where to find it and can help you.
  4. Look what I found :) Here you go:

    every 5 = diamonds/emeralds
    every 20 = vault voucher
    every 50 = stable voucher
    20 = voters boots
    30 = voters helmet
    40 = voters leggings
    60 = voters chestplate
    100 = certificate
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  5. Isn't there a type of 'voters block'
  6. You don't get that from voting. Only voting contests.
    Unless Aikar did something sneaky....
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  7. Or u could rename the block. But can u enchant blocks with a book and an anvil?
  8. You can only enchant non-enchantable items with enchanted books in creative mode.
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  9. Hm, I should not want to know it. Oh, and for the responders, better put it in a spoiler. I quickly scrolled down but read a few very shocking things. Other people might accidentally read something though.