What other multiplayer games...

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  1. Do the members of the Empire enjoy?
  2. MW3, Dark Souls, Halo. I've played SAMP a bit. (San Andreas Multiplayer) Gmod, though I don't play it often because my laptop is too old to handle it anymore. Currently I bounce around from MW3, Dark Souls and Minecraft.
  3. Mostly league of legends, some gmod
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  4. Do you play mw3 on console or pc?
    Also I've played a lot of gmod.
  5. I play it on my PS3. Same as Dark Souls. I'm not a big PC gamer.
  6. I play Eve Online if that helps =)
  7. I play Minecraft and Mount & Blade: WarBand
  8. I play counter_strike:)
  9. lol I played Eve for abit a year or two ago.
  10. I haven't played Warband recently but I do enjoy the MnB games.Though besides a handful of mods that never got ported to Warband.The original kinda became obsolete when Warband came out.
  11. cRPG Mod is really the only one I use on MnB

    It's the best.
  12. You mean you idle Eve Online. No one actually plays Eve. ;)
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  13. well... 400man blops on WN and taking 50 stations over the course of a week its not pretty much idling
  14. List of pc multiplayer games I have installed atm :
    Arma 2 OA(no base game or dlcs)
    Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
    CoD MW 1,2,&3
    Garry's Mod
    Magic The Gathering DotP 2012
    PAYDAY : The Heist
    Section 8 : Prejudice
  15. I don't play too many games online, but I still have some:
    -Age of Empires II
    -Call of Duty 4
    -Civilization 4
    -Pokemon HG/SS
    -ROBLOX (petty I am)

    I find it absolutely hilarious that I'm the first one who's ever mentioned Pokemon on this entire board.
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  16. PC:
    Counter Strike
    Team Fortress 2
    Garry's Mod

    Modern Warfare 3
    Battlefield 3
    Misc. Other games
  17. I currently only play MineCraft and Dragonica (altough I dont play it much anymore)
  18. BF3,soon skyrim and Some Homefront :)