What is your favorite soda brand?

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  1. What is your favorite soda brand?
    Let me know in the comments what is your favourite soda brand.

    Example: My favourite soda brand is Pulp, in other words, Pulp Pomelo.

  2. I don't really have a favourite, but love the following:
    • Coke
    • Pepsi
    • Dr Pepper
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  3. I'm a soda freak. I can drink pretty much any kind, it's funny because I don't know why I'm not 400 pounds :p

    I drink diet coke mostly because it makes me feel better xD
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  4. Dr. Pepper.

    Oh, and Coca-Cola beats Pepsi. Duh. :p
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  5. Eww diet.
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  6. Your name is very deceiving ;)

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  7. you just said "You are name is very deceiving" ;)
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  8. No idea what you're talking about :p
  9. Imma buy SheIsntNice > : D
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  10. Sprite, but I mostly drink water.
  11. I like tea, but there never seem to be enough in my house :/, so I drink a lot of coke or orange fanta
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  12. I rarely drink soda, but I prefer Sprite/Sierra Mist. I mostly drink sweet tea and water :)
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  13. I prefer a good pine float.
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  14. Favourite drink: Orange Tango (bit like orange fanta but nicer :p)
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  15. I had banana soda once, it is actually good but SUPER OVERPOWERINGLY SWEET. You can only have like a couple sips before you get a headache.
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  16. I don't like soda. Never been able to happily drink anything carbonated. :p Just water, milk, and juice for me! :D
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  17. Dunno, just Sprite was my BFF for years. And still is :D
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  18. I like the Ramune sodas in a Strawberry flavor, Yummmm!
  19. i only drink redbull, no water or juice or milk, only redbull and sometimes rip-it
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