What is your favorite chocolate?

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  1. Tell me what your favorite chocolate is dark ? or milk ? or nuts ? Tell me in the comments what kind of chocolate is your favorite .

    Example I like to see in the comments:
    • My favorite type of chocolate is black chocolate.

    Examples I do not like to see in the comments:

    • My favorite is chocolate with nuts since nuts are the best , the others suck !
    • I do not like chocolate, chocolate is bad . I hate it .
  2. White Chocolate is bae!
  3. I lean more towards Mint Chocolate.
  4. 85% dark chocolate.
  5. The more coco, the less sugar, the better I like it.

    Of course, my other answer, is the kind of chocolate that has the jellied alcohol in it...
    Eating a load of that always hits the spot!:eek:
  6. Milk chocolate, but my favourite is either Cadburys or Galaxy. So nice *gargles*
  7. I get this odd image when I think of someone gargling over food lol.
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  8. That video has really made my day xD
    Well.. the only chocolates I like are Tootsie Roll Chocolate and White Chocolate. Both in extreme moderation.
  10. dark chocolate
  11. Hershys cookies n creme
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  12. Cookies and Cream are da Bomb! :O
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  14. Chocolate, to me, is disgusting. It makes me want to vomit when I eat it >.>

    For the record; Twixes and Crunchies. I haven't eaten those in a long time, though, so... ._.
  15. Pretty much anything with Cadburys name on it! I am a chocoholic without a doubt! :)
  16. What part of...

  17. Kinder chocolate :D to bad i live in america and cant buy it
  18. I can't think of any chocolate I have ever had that I did not like. By itself I prefer the darker stuff. When combined with other things everything works for me except maybe chocolate covered cherries. It would be hard to pick a favorite.

    One thing I have missed is chocolate covered coffee beans. A little store near here used to sell them. I used to go there and buy those and Jelly Bellies by the scoop to take to work. They were pretty common in this area for a couple years then everyone stopped stocking them.
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