What is this!?!?!

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  1. Idk what this is

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  2. Looks like you found the rare and elusive... something.
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  3. lol Im lucky :D for once Im my horrible life :)
  4. You could send a private message to one of the Developers on the forums.
  5. Thats what I call work I thats not what I like to do ;D but ill do it
  6. Is it really soulbound though? Will it stay in your inventory if you die?
  7. idk :( afraid to try
  8. I can confirm that this plank does exist. And that it is soulbound.
  9. THIS IS FAKE. There are no roads nearby.
  10. I can confirm to everyone that these are real, these are only obtainable for new players and the following items that are soulbound: Oak planks, torches, bread, Cow Spawn Eggs, Sheep spawn eggs, and all the Starter Armor and Tools
    oak planks.PNG torches.PNG bread.PNG cow.PNG sheep.PNG
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  11. This is real... The tutorial starting supplies are soulbound.
    I forgot to mention these items in the update post (sorry I was trying to go to sleep :3)
  12. What's to say it's not under/above ground or the render distance is low?
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  14. #RenderDistance

    Also, accusing other players of them being fake is a little rude.
  15. I found a soulboud torch in the wild!

  16. It makes me sad because if we have previously claimed the starter supplies, we cannot obtain the newest additions to the set.. :oops:
  17. ikr