What is the Wilderness activation range to regrow wool?

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  1. I'll ask my question, and then explain why I am asking:

    Question: In the WILD, what is the maximum distance a player can be from a sheep for it to regrow it's wool?

    In the 'Technical changes from vanilla minecraft' thread/wiki page, sheep entity activation range is said to be 12 blocks. But then goes on to say:
    So does this mean that activation range for sheep to regrow wool is the same as vanilla minecraft? And how far is that exactly?

    I've also noticed Aikar posted an update thread related to this. Though I'm guessing the Technical change thread is more up-to-date? EMC "Entity" changes - Distance to activate

    Thanks :)
    PS. Please don't speculate, or guess the answer. I'd like an actual 100% certain answer.
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  2. I still do not have an answer to this question, and would still like to know.

    However, I have come up with a design to semi-auto shear 220 sheep in 80 seconds within a 12 x 12 x 12 area. (still need to sit there with button down to shear).
    My quick practical test with 200 sheep with grass:dirt ratio never falling below 7:3 (70% grass) resulted in about 40 sheep regrowing their wool every 80s. That was an average figure, and drastically changed up and down each run.

    Please someone tell me, so I can make my farm more efficient, and more accurately test my designs.