What Have I Done...

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  1. *Doesn't get it*
  2. You've jumped over a lady *doesn't get why this thread is on here* :confused:

  3. But I'll laugh anyway. Ha! Ha!
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  4. What?
    Made a texture pack if so Awesome tex pack if not
    This might be a swing and a miss
  5. If it's the texture pack, I love it.
  6. The texture is LB Photo Realism. When I first saw this thread, there was only the last picture. If I'm not wrong, the main idea has something to do with the last picture. I too, do not get it.
  7. Just casually got a pointy purple thing sticking out his head? :confused:
  8. That is Twilight Sparkle and she is a unicorn pony.
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  9. No it's Me Gusta Twilight and she approves of these modifications. >:3
  10. How do you guys get that pictures?