What happened in the wild!?!?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Historian101, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. I came online and was heading out to mine and I see the wild completely clean with all the mines and buildings gone! What the heck happened!
  2. Lol, either the wild was reset or it was the Empire Helpers! One or the other!
  3. What server?

    From what i seen yesterday, JustinGuy was testing a new script he wrote to regenerate the spoiled landscapes around the Wild Spawn Points.
    Thats as much as i know, I guess it worked?
  4. great there goes my hard earned mine
  5. I suggest building it further out next time :)
  6. I always use the wild on smp3 about 3000 blocks out. I have a village all to myself, and every once and a while I go back to town to use the vault.
  7. If you build or do anything within about 200 blocks of the spawn protected zone it is at risk of being reset. This area becomes a huge crater from all the strip mining so from time to time I will be rebuilding it rather than resetting the entire world.
  8. Superb move. Nothing worse than getting all the way back to the spawn point only to die because you fell down some morons hole that they didn't bother to cover over. :)
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  9. maybe a creeper blow it up to bring the end of the world.....