What features do you think Minecraft needs?

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  1. Like the title says what features do you think Minecraft needs and what ones do you think should be removed from Minecraft 1.0 through 1.9? Or do you think Minecraft is fine how it is? Let's see your response in the comments.
  2. Remove attack recharges from 1.9.
  3. Rails should be fixed.
  4. How are they broken? :confused:
  5. Placing them is like the worst nightmare ever.

    EDIT: I honestly suggest you to not try it out, if you don't want to hurt yourself. :p

    Another thing: that weird hand that goes to the left sometimes for no freaking reason, for some reason it physically hurts me, lol
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  6. It only goes to the left when you can interact with something, fences are the most likely cause cause you can place a lead on one, it moves the arm like it's holding one despite not holding one.

    On topic to the thread here's a list I've created over the years.

    *Water Sharks (Sharks that attack a player in a boat)
    *Battleboats (Boats that can be modified or have equipment added to a GUI that defend against Guardians or the aforementioned Water Sharks)
    *Jumpers (Hoppers that shoot upwards)
    *Illuminating Torches (Torches that emit light when in hand)
    *Vertical Half Slabs (Self explanatory)
    *Magic (Enchant sticks to become wands and have effects through them ie: Fireball)

    Command Block Stuff

    *Add potion effects to weapons/armor/items
    *Allow the giant to be moveable
    *Allow any mob to be increased/decreased in size
  7. Some sort of skill to crafting or mining. Mining is currently just hold left click and forward for a while before running back and doing it again. The only part even slightly difficult is finding the most efficient pattern for mining but even then it is entirely luck. Crafting is alright but it would be cool if someone could craft a better sword or a better axe. This would add more variety and make things into more of a challenge. More monsters in the day would be fun.
  8. That would be amazing if they actually did that but it's likely they won't sadly.
  9. Fix the recharge attacks in 1.9
  10. They just follow the south-east rule. And it is super easy to understand
  11. Ah... I've only tried to place rails once before. :p

    As for the hand thing... ITS SO ANNOYING! It looks so... awkward?
  12. I hope for you you won't ever have to do it again :p

    And, yeah, it really makes me feel uncomfortable :p
  13. Debuffing all skeletons

    That will be all.
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  14. YES
  15. Smooth Double Stone Slab Blocks
    Stone Slab Stairs
  16. Everything not coming in 1.9 -_-
  17. Just want to say that both of these are currently possible in 1.8.
  18. I think Minecraft is really at a peak with 1.8. Not sure about new features, but I am always hoping for more (and maybe more difficult) crafting recipes. For example it would be cool if we could use clay for more purposes than merely blocks. So to keep true to the claying process (shape, then harden) I could imagine that we still wouldn't be able to craft with stained clay blocks (or hardened clay) but that we could with regular clay.

    So you get some clay blocks (gray), you then make clay stairs (for example) and then you can cook those to get hardened clay stairs which you can then dye like regular hardened clay blocks.

    I also feel that the End is missing out a bit:

    Overworld => clay blocks which get clay balls which you can cook into bricks which then form brick blocks.
    Nether => nether rack which you can cook into nether bricks which then make nether brick blocks.
    End => end stone which you can't really use.

    But that's going to be fixed in 1.9; you can then make end stone bricks by combining 4 end stone blocks, but that's basically the same as stone and stone bricks. Next you can also combine 4 popped chorus fruit to make purpur blocks which is comparable, but also a bit useless. I mean: nether fortresses (and nether brick) is hard to find. But once you found chorus fruits then you're also near the End structures which will have massive purpur blocks.

    But speaking of 1.9... You can basically only make wooden shields. Why not iron as well?

    Most of all I'm hoping that we'll get another dimension someday. That would allow the developers to come up with something completely new and completely different, even though it might actually use the same mechanics as in the other worlds.

    What this dimension should be? No clue. Maybe a gaming dimension (mini games) or some kind of time travel dimension. You could opt to go either into the future or far future to get new weapons and new stuff. So instead of making a pickaxe you'd make a drill or a laser drill. Instead of a sword you'd make a light saber (yeah right, copyright anyone?) or machine gun ;)

    It would allow the developers to expand on Minecraft without changing the game for those that don't want it.

    Just my 2 cents :)
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  19. My current wish list:
    Wireless Redstone and hidden switches
    The ability to rotate blocks, like Pistons, after they are placed
    Item transportation over short distances(16 blocks would be plenty to go between Residences and resolve the road bridging problem)
    Player Customized Pictures
    More lighting choices
    The ability to update Minecraft without having the whole world completely reinstall new server apps, client apps, program and install updated mods, in the process losing our achievements, screenshots, application data, like map waypoints, etc.
  20. ComputerCrafts (with player like permissions ofcourse) like in mod http://www.computercraft.info/
    sigh i miss those little turtle buggers when they go out of control with wrong program (lol)