What does the Zombie Virus do?

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  1. Someone told me a while ago it slows you down but gives extreme amounts of resistance. So I figured I'd try it in a fight vs. marlix today and I got rekt, it did nothing.

    Was it a bug or something, or did it do something at one point?
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  2. It gives you tons of debuffs plus resistance. Thats all it does.
  3. Normally it gives slow, nausea, resistance, blindness, weakness, and maybe some other effects.
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  4. ah, mine did nothing for some reason

    wouldnt the weakness just cancel out the resistance
  5. There has been a short time where the potions didn't do anything. I noticed the exact same thing with one of my batches, but I think it was only a glitch because other onces I had did start to work again. The idea is basically to give you a positive effect (Resistance IV) combined with dozens of negative effects (mostly cosmetic) to rule it out.

    It gives you:
    • Hunger IV - 0:15
    • Slowness IV - 0:15
    • Weakness III - 0:20
    • Nausea IV - 0:20
    • Resistance IV - 0:20
    • Blindness IV - 0:20
    Also see its wiki page here: https://empireminecraft.com/wiki/zombie-virus/

    Weakness and Resistance do not cancel each other out btw. Resistance reduces all incoming damage, except void. Weakness reduces all damage you do with melee attacks. You can see an overview of all Minecraft status effects on their official wiki here: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Status_effect
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  6. Ahh, ok
    So it makes you a tank but you really can't fight back well
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  7. Don't drink them, they are beautiful things
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  8. YOU AREN'T *hiccup* THE BOSS OF ME!

    Goes on to drink three more Zombie Viruses.
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  9. I am the almighty god of virus. How dare you. (on a side note I haven't drunk any of my 30DC's of them)
  10. Pretty similar to too many adult beverages irl, only far more potent :D. And irl you don't have resistance, you just feel like your invncible.
  11. i9ma go drink down a bunch rn cuz lol
  12. Thirty-one DC's, last I counted ;)