What do you do when you get bored?

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  1. The title says it all
    What do you do?

    When I get bored, I build my mall, and build farms

    Please comment below
  2. Well what i do is go afk for awhile at some type of grinder and fall asleep... or just watch a movie and fall asleep :D
  3. I go into my SP World, and start playing with redstone and transport methods
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  4. What I do Is build my mega mega mart on smp7 :D and go to the wilderness or just go to my iPad play games or play and train my dog
  5. Well if you click my sig that is one thing I do...
    (I am entertained while doing it :))

    Also I read about tips for photography...
  6. When bored I:
    • Find something to do around my res, like sort all the stuff I dumped in one chest instead of in the proper chest,
    • Go bug britbrit3197, Sonicol1 and Scarligmione
    • Surf the forums
    • Watch Anime (open to suggestions, PM them so we don't go off topic)
    • Go mess around on another game
    • Go to Single Player and play a bit
    • Go look at imgur
  7. Did u make that video or did u just post it?
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  8. Thats me singing!
    No not really :D
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  9. You forgot "Spam potato in Mumble."
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  10. No I do that even when I am entertained :p
  11. Lol and again this is so funny and the cat band :D :eek: they are so pro anyway

    P.S. my favourite line :DI am a cat lover and I love to run sorry I am thinking about cats again!!!!!
  12. I bang my head against the wall repeatedly until I think of something to do.
  13. :D me too!
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  14. Fix'd :rolleyes:
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  15. I play bf3 or planetside 2 :)
  16. also I do this
    (count sheep)
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