What do you do on the weekend?

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  1. What do you do. I sit on my bed and watch tv while eating snacks and playing EMC while looking at random things on vine on my phone and YouTube on my iPad. I also call a friend for a bit and then maybe hang out. I then eat some IceCream and watch a movie. And that's just a part of Saturday.
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  2. The same thing I do every night: try to take over the world.
    (weekends and weekdays are same thing)
  3. I will sleep, then work, then go onto emc to build more of my massive mob farms. :p
    Sunday is family and friends day for me, I'll go do something fun with a buddy or a sibling.
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  4. Saturday: sleep, game, hang with frienss
    Sunday: sleep, game, hang with friends or family
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  5. You seem to have exciting weekends. lol

    What I do:
    I work.

    And at night, I have nothing better to do than to sit on forums and comment on very random things.
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  6. Saturday : Soccer game, and maybe golf. Then I just sit in my room, eating potatoes, while playing a variety of games.
    Sunday : Maybe golf, sit in my room, eating potatoes, while playing a variety of games. (I am Christian, but I don't really go to church that often)

    EDIT:Though I do plan on becoming a soccer ref, so perhaps that in the future. :)
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  7. I either am breaking or fixing things, sleeping or being on my computer
  8. Purchase materials for carpentry/automotive work, hang out with my girlfriend play some game including emc.
  9. For me every weekend is different but normally I play EMC, hang with friends, play hockey, play other games, play cookie clicker, and that sums it up!