What are your favorite Mods for MC

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  1. I figured I would start a little thread and see what sort of responses I can get. I have been out of the EMC world lately due to being stationed in Japan with the US Navy and spending a rather large amount of time out to sea. That is about to change here in about 4 months so I was wondering what mods everyone uses that have been updated. Feel free to mention any mods that you use. Just do me a one favor and keep all posts civil and friendly. Not everyone will like that mods that everyone else uses, but each person uses a mod for a certain reason. Feel free to explain why you use the mods that you use so that other will understand. Who know, maybe you will convince others to use that mod as well.

    On a side note, if you wish to discuss mods that you use in Single Player, feel free...just make sure you mention that those mods are for single player and not multi.

    Hope everyone is enjoying their EMC experiences.
  2. Optifine and voxel map are my must have mods.
  3. Optifine, Macros, and Voxel. Macros and optifine for sure
  4. At one point, I used nothing but Optifine and Rei's Minimap. But nowadays, it seems as if my Minecraft runs better FPS wise when I'm playing it 100% vanilla, so that's how I've been playing. For sure, though, Optifine is pretty helpful. :) Can't wait to see you come back to the EMC life! :D
  5. Optifine and VoxelMap are Must's for me.
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  6. I prefer Mapwriter over VoxelMap Oh and More player Models :D

    For single player I really like Tinker's Construct, and mods that really adds a lot of building materials like Forge micro blocks, the carpenter's mod and the chisel mod.
  7. I can't really "do" single player without WorldEdit. It's just a planning tool for me, so it's speeds everything up by x20
  8. I use Optifine and either voxelmap or Rei's, but it seems that when I tried to update recently with Optifine and Voxelmap I couldn't get them both to work. I could get Opti by itself, but not with Voxel and vice versa... I also use NEI in singleplayer when I am building things. I am also a sucker for the HD texture packs, but those aren't really mods I guess.
  9. I strongly recommend autoswitch: Digging through stone with your pick and then when you encounter dirt or gravel it automatically switches to your shovel, awesome. It works for all tools, ie axe for wood and even the sword is pulled out automatically when hitting on a mob. It has some more useful features.
    Dynamic lights is excellent when caving, because holding a torch in your hand already lights up the area.
    If securing an area by having light levels above 7, use MonsterSpawnerHighlighter. It helped me tremendously to secure our outpost.
    InventoryTweaks is also pretty convenient, a little bit buggy though.

    Other mods I use: Better sprinting, Voxelmap, Armor and Effect Satus HUD, Damage Indicators, Craftguide :cool:

    The magic yarn mod could be very helpful, but seems pretty broken, at least for me. Ariadne's thread is a similar mod, but working, only it isn't updated anymore.

    In the future, I'd like to make better use of Macro and Schematica...

    Edit: I am still on 1.7.2
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  10. Optifine for less lag & no void fog, world downloader, & schematica. (useful for builders) Beyond that I don't use any mods outside of the packaged FeedTheBeast launcher.
  11. Optifine all the way! It makes playing Minecraft on my old yet functioning laptop bearable and reduces the lag so much ^_^