What are the most active wild outposts?

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by Neuro98, Aug 8, 2014.

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  1. Hi I created this thread as a discussion thread on what the most active wild outposts are to help show new players a path to pick one of them to have their home in the wild :) Please post your thoughts below.
  2. LLO = Last Light Outpost
    That or it means Logs Limp Out
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  3. Well, I mean more currently, it's obviously the most active thread, but there doesn't seem to be as much action at the outpost.
  4. There's still plenty of action at the outpost.

    Another active group is that massive group on SMP9, Volt, Estonan Federation, Stoneguard, etc. I don't know all the names. :p

    Carthaga on SMP4 is also pretty active, I've visited it before and I'd advise you check it out. It's a pretty cool place. :)
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  5. Ill check out Carthaga:D I run the outpost Joule which is in close distance to Volt, Estona, Wrem, etc. Great area and great people out there.
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  6. Yes the Federation is strong!
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  7. Most places on SMP9 belong to the Federation.
  8. Oh just STOP devon.
  9. Hey watching it buddy. Don't get me in a bad mood for school tomorrow.
  10. Kitten from what I have heard, you started an outpost, it failed, and now u hate every other outpost.
  11. Does estona own wrem now and pazzo, pantano, etc.?
  12. Pazzo and Pantano were there first then when the other outposts spilled over onto them all the original residents left. I went back there this spring. General vandalism and pillaging. The blaze grinder I built when we were starting out had had the spawner removed. Another farm I worked on had tunnels and pillars all over the place so the original slabbing was useless.

    I guess you could say they were "owned" by someone but probably not in the way you meant.
  13. Volt and Estona have occupied wrem and are attempting to revive it. The other two no. :)
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  14. Well stop being Mr.Nationalist!
  15. The Witch Hut Outpost is ogre active. However it is private.
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  16. The Island Outpost. Private outpost, no visitors allowed. Active 24/7 with at least 2-3 of its members.
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  17. Actually.

    I started Snowv, made it into 2nd NR, it was going smoothly until it was hijacked.

    I didn't like Estona for devon's "games".

    He always wanted me to get a visa.

    He always blocked off Maximus.

    And,he kept me PRISONER in Parisco.

    And even worse,HOW DO I EVEN GET A ESTONAN VISA?

    I didn't like Volt for heading the Let's Get Kitten Out Of The East Wild plan.

    Which involved rock doing nothing to tell Envie to CALM DOWN over me passing through a COMPUTER GENERATED JUNGLE.

    Rock ALSO did nothing when his members went bang splat on the Second Neorepublican border

    I actually liked Wrem.

    They didn't attack my every move.

    There were independent parties too.

    Like jkjkjk, who MAJORLY hated me from the start of my plans.

    So,I didn't hate every outpost.

    They hated me.
  18. Maybe people "hate" you because you refuse to listen to people and handle things like a child. Please stop trying to derail another thread.

    I would suggest the LLO. It isn't as active as it once was but it's still a fun camp with a great community, even if that community is smaller now a days.

    I would also suggest maybe joining my outpost. I have the link to its forum in mt signature.
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  19. I've been spotted (for once ) I'm a proud boy lol StoneGuard revving progress still going on but I've taken a smallish break from the wild to work on a mall
  20. Yes, please be welcome as our guest or join as a new member.

    Carthaga is a very active place on smp4. It has 25 listed and about 10 active members. In the last few month we accomplished quite a lot: We have almost all different farms, we auctioned many DCs of slime and gold and supported several other projects. But we still have a lot to do (build more rail connections, put up some architectonic highlights, find a new hunting ground), so every helping hand is welcome :)
    To organize all this we use a system of professions, where you can rank up and gain perks, like having a plot in the historic center, mailbox in the post office, your head in the hall of fame and many others. To check out all the details visit the Carthaga thread or come out to the city right away (directions included in the thread).
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