Well this is it. Goodbye.

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by IPwnCreeps, Sep 17, 2012.

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  1. Well, ive been forgoten in the community. I rarely go on. Nobody knows me. Well. Where to begin?
    Im gonna come straight out. EMC has changed. Alot. Too much almost. And no, Aikar, ICC, Justin, your work is absoulutely amazing, and in no way this is meant to be offensive.
    In my time in EMC, i looked back, and realized i was in no way mature in the begining. But if i dont say so myself, i did change, and get mature'er (mature'er, not a word, deal with it kthx :D). But as i looked back, i realized i missed the old community. I miss the community being small, and fun size. The community got to big for such a small staff team. Aswell, half the staff are inactive or demoted. Ive met 3 of the best people ever here. And theyve disapeared and left. Gone. I donated because i wanted to help the community. But in return, when making suggestions to the community i was shot down, almost every time, and most cases, hostily and offensively. Ive done my best to rid EMC of bad people, and advertise it via YouTube. The community has become too hostile for me, most people arent very friendly. Ive PM'd staff countless times, and almost all of the times ive been ignored, never replied to. I understand your busy, but even in the early days, when SMP1 wasnt SMP1, it was EMC. Utopia was a world, not a server. Wasteland was in existance. I rarely get replys, and if i did, theyre not usually positive. The community has changed so much, I have nobody to leave my belongings to. All my friends, driven off by the same reasons as me. I know everyone will ignore this, itll end up locked because of arguements. But really, dont argue. Im not here to start fights, thats the exact reason im leaving. If someone has a good point, if it cant please everyone or the truth hurts to much, the community just argues, and thats why im leaving. Argue somewhere else, but not here. Goodbye everyone, the fate of my items will be decided soon.
  2. I'll be sorry to see you go. Even if we have never met, losing a member is always sad. If you ever do get the feel that you want to try it again, try joining another server? I know I love smp4, and most of the people are very nice and helpful. But like almost any other server, we do get the bad seeds. Farewell friend, and hope you return. :)
  3. I have tried every server sadly. I made wild bases, i mined for hours. I tried everything to get me to stay. Thank you for your respect. Shame we couldnt meet. Farewell.
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  4. I've never met or played with you, but after reading this i felt like i should have. I know how you feel most of the players come of too strong but most don't mean it they just have no other way to express their views. sad to see you go even if it is by few you will be missed. On the note with staff I've had the same but never a rude response besides being ignored.
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  5. Yet another good-bye thread? all the elders of EMC (over 200 days old) are leaving! Even getting banned! EMC is indeed losing its touch...
  6. Almost all elder members have been betrayed, wronged, banned, or demoted. Pushed away by the community for their views.

    And on another note, this is in no way whatsoever meant to offend, point fingers, or call anyone out.
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  7. Indeed. EMC is, as i stated before, losing ites touch.
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  8. :/
    Darn it! Two of my bestest friends are leaving today!
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  9. Shame that you're leaving, even if i didn't know you. I hope you have fun with whatever you move on to :D
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  10. Im one of your bestest friends? :eek: sorry :C
    Also, i never did sell you those melons you wanted to buy XD
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  11. I forgot to tell you that the sign wouldn't work! :p
    Tear, good memories. :)
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  12. good bye dude, and my creepers forever be pwned in your absence.... i joined close to when you did, and have been liking you since. good bye :(
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  13. Stay pink my friend :)
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  14. My scent has been spread on EMC, your safe from creepers ;)
    Bye mate :)
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  15. I'm sorry for thinking you were a girl when I first met you.
    But all the same, it's sad to see you go.
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  16. XD
    Im sorry for thinking you were a taxi ;)
    Bye old friend :)
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  17. It's sad to see you go, but will you still upload Minecraft videos?
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  18. Probably occasionaly. Ill have to remove my signature if i film other servers, miught be a no no :p
  19. Goodbye IPwnCreeps. I still remember you. I miss the old days too but that is what happens when you have such a formula as EMC has. It was destined to grow and change and nothing can be done to circumvent that without losing all of the members who keep the servers alive.

    I have been scarce lately too, but in no way is it the current state of EMCs fault. The wondrous Minecraft is losing its touch on long term players. The nostalgia factor is overriding the change and advancement fever. Many people miss what used to be and it is fate that one day even EMC will crumble. Until it does, it will provide people with a unique experience.

    Find a new hobby and maybe life will provide you with the Minecraft itch again in the future, maybe not. Interests change.
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