Well... It's been a ride (NOT a goodbye thread)

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  1. Well.. Today I did /p Jeanzl2000

    Today is my 365th day on EMC.

    How about doing a Ask Me Anything?

    Also ( I put this in a spoiler to not have a wall of text):

    I want to thank many people, Here is the people but not limited to (I'm still adding people, Won't finish for hours):

    Bigdavie - For Being awesome and Contacting EdmundWayne

    EdmundWayne - For Teaching me to be nicer and being awesome at a Guitar

    thestar19 - For helping me out in doing Crazy stuff and playing ps2 and arma with me.

    Maxarias - For not finding out until now that I know where you came from.

    Aikar - For not Letting me die on Utopia, and Letting me be You for a day

    Orangepie123 - For being The funnest guy I've ever met, I still remember the day you went to my res on smp3 to get an ad in the free section

    Bennylaham - The last time I heard from you was 4 months ago, Anyways, You've been plain awesome.

    Bucky291 - For Getting me interested in Minecraft and EMC again and being an awesome business partner

    fermat8 - For proving that Girls can do anything that guys can and being the best friend a guy can have

    JackBiggin - For helping me out every so often and Having the best attitude anyone can have

    Faithcaster - For always being the funny guy offering to buy my beacon for 10k, a great person to talk to (Especially when your drunk you Gossip&Give away your secrets)

    aCookieGod - For Always giving me a cookie when I feel down,

    Moyaboya - Haven't talked to you in a while but, I still like your name

    Jennypoo10 - Great person to go to when your bored

    Zoeybearfun101 - Is it 101 or 10? I forgot... Anyways Your a fun person when your not slapping me and biting my leg off.

    Shaunwhite1982 - Haven't talked in a long time to you but When I did you made my :( into a :) and I still can't believe you live at 50,000 50,000

    Twitch1 - I remember when you played on the ftb server.. Anyways your funny and good luck with life.

    Chickeneer - I haven't really known you but Theres a giant Chicken Statue of you next to 509 and 406

    Jake_Bagby - Hehe Jake_Baby :p

    JabrZer0 - For being awesome doing minecast and entertaining me when I'm bored

    Yukon - I haven't really known you (Explains why I don't know the rest of your name) But You have made a difference in how I play on EMC

    jkjkjk182 - I remember that troll thread when you made people believe that Team Avo or something Joined EMC :p

    jtc0999 - I don't really know what to say... I just know that You've made an Impact on EMC.

    King_redbird - You won't be reading this but, You had an awesome res

    Mayoman300 - You won't be reading this but, thanks for the awesome times

    honeydew_rocks - You won't be reading this but, Thanks for being there for me

    d1223m - I still remember the time you wrote "shiftmaster" without the h In town chat :p

    dylan_frenette - For being a cow

    Hopefully I didn't miss too many people [SPOILER/]

  2. Still Not on any friends list and it is ZoeBearFun105
  3. I can't be the only one that thought this was a goodbye thread... Congrats!
  4. I was like "whew" when I saw it was just a 1 Year thread.
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  5. Like I said I'm still not done with the list :p

    I knew I missed a important people :p

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  6. Mods: Please change the title to something that won't make people think this is a goodbye thread...
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  7. I wanna do a AMA
  8. This isn't your 1-year anniversary. 2012 was a leap year, so you're a day off. Is that how it works? Or does that only affect people who joined in 2011..
  9. thats what i said, i told him that we had joined the same day, and it was tommorow xD
  10. Yes that's what I thought first but then I what if I was 1 day late D:
  11. Congratulations! And yes, 2012 was a leap year, so your a day off. Crazy stole it before I got to post it.
    You mods, you seemed to have a keyboard in your hand when you were born >.>
  12. :)
  13. Before Title:
    Well... It's been a ride

    Now Title:
    Well... Its been a ride (NOT a goodbye thread)

    Oh, pure Margarritte.
  14. That was so fun to watch! I even got Jack:p
  15. You did what?
    I knew you were a troll.
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  17. Yay i'm in the list :p Will not forget that moment when you called me that on the LLO olympics livestream xD
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  18. Congrats on the one year! :)
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  19. Perhaps we should change that :p