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  1. So we posted this giant roadmap here: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/the-empire-of-the-future-my-vision-for-what-is-to-come.35977/

    And of course the big question is how long is that all going to take!

    Well, great news! We have added on 2 more developers to help out with developing EMC, and I would like to welcome just_five_fun and PirateOfDW to the team!

    With having 3 helpers, we will def be able to see more of the small tasks off of my plate to focus on the big ones, and see many more updates being released to EMC!

    Full speed ahead!
  2. Nice! Glad to have them. Cannot wait to how they bring the empire into a new age of glory.
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  3. Congratulations to PirateofDW and just_five_fun... although I already knew about Pirate :p
  4. yay, more efficiency
  5. Awesome! Glad to see we are working towards getting more things done!
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  6. Can't wait for some of these updates, especially the bigger lots :)
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  7. Oh cool. :)
    But, just curious as to if more titles could be given out to people other than staff xD
    Will that ever happen? :p
    >.> I looked on staff page and they weren't there :3
  8. Hooray! Good luck to the new guys! :D
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  9. Perhaps you can give them developer on the staff page? (Just saw your other post aikar) (Like Hatori)
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  10. Cpngrats on new spot guys :D
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  11. Just a heads up, Aikar, though the two new guys' player info say Staff in blue, hatori's is still mod in green.
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  12. Yeah i didnt change hatori in game yet, havent deployed changes to game servers for titles :p

    They will all say Developer in game soon too.
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  13. Gah! I should be more patient... I have to change everything that I just changed to Staff to Developer now. XD
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  14. Whoooooo! Congrats!!!
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  15. Congratz!!! Party!!!
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  16. Where's the party hard gif when you need it? Lol
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  17. Will there also be a rank added for RainbowChin and _Stads_ as Wiki Editor or something? I just feel like they should get some recognition for volunteering their time to make the wiki great :)
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  18. Lol, can't find the gif in my phone :D.
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