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  1. Doesn't the letter g look weird?
    g Just look at it. Weird.
  2. It is, it really is. I never use that, you know. Just look at this beauty. g
  3. I don't know what you guys are talking about. Take a look at w.

    It's not even two u's.
  4. That's why the French call it 'Double V' :p
  5. Well, we don't call it double anything at all:p
  6. I find it weird that you can spell letters...
    Double U.
  7. When I write, my g's almost look like this xD.

    In the southern United States, we call it "Dubya"
  8. I live in South Florida. Never called it that.
  9. Mkay, maybe Florida is an exception :p
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  10. i hate capital letters in general, ever wonder why i never use them? now you know. hate. hate. hate. hate them.
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  11. OH REALLY?
  12. Er mer gurd :O
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  13. no. no don't do it. no.. the horror!
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  14. caps.
  15. yay! jeremy to my rescue! :D
  16. g.png
    is this weird enough?
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  17. Florida is always an exception.
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  18. SoRrY wHaT wAs ThAt BaTtMeGhs?