Weird Bug with PVP

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  1. so I'm out at Pigmentus killing pig zombies and I start getting this message saying that "You must be in JadziaForever's group to attack this monster. It will be unclaimed in 19 seconds."

    this happened directly after another player, Totostyle, who was in a group with JadziaForever came and started hitting pigmen.

    So I started a new group and invited JadziaForever and Totostyle and then the message changed saying I had to be part of "Jadziaa's" group, who I can only assume became the group owner of the other group.

    I then invited Jadziaa to my group and after joining I *kept* getting the message saying I needed to part of their group to kill the pigmen.

    Very strange. Is this supposed to happen as a way to protect kills when you're in a group? If so, it's annoying when at public farms.
  2. What happened was I was in JadziaForever's group and hit a few, then left.
    sgx2000 then created a group with JadziaForever and himself, then hit a few, creating a second lot of protected zombies.
    However, a third group was protected by Jadziaa, who was not at the farm.
    We believe the last group was a glitch.
  3. Jadzia
    ~Breaking things since 2002
  4. why 2002? i think you mean 2001 m8 :p

    Also i was at my own gold farm killing pigmen instead of the public one and normally it does glitch, as i'm the only person in the group and then Toto decides to invite me to his group, so i cant kill the pigmen but i need to be in my own group??
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  5. Too young and nubby in 2001
  6. aw I was too nubby for 17 days :rolleyes:
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  7. But... where's the PVP in all this?
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  8. This should state in title "Bug with mob being claiming in groups"

    Pvp is different from this.
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  9. yeah sorry, just trying to put something up about the bug. i was in a hurry :p
  10. yeah its a bug we need to fix. but nothing to do with pvp :p

    To avoid this, join the group of the person who currently has ownership, rather than then leaving their group.

    Even when its fixed, the previous group would have to be completely disbanded, so its best to join it rather than them move to yours. It's not locked to the person, it's locked to the group, so if you leave the group, you drop your rights.
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  11. It seems that a general best practice would be that once you leave an area with a group, that you leave the group before engaging mobs on your own so that you don't conflict with any other players that may be in that area, right? so that would be another solution.