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Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Aikar, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. If you are seeing this, the site is back up and you are on the new server! Please report any issues on the site here (out of the normal issues)

    Hey everyone.

    I am planning to take the website down at midnight EST (EMC time) tonight for maintenance.

    Recently I purchased a newer, faster and cheaper server to handle all of my web needs in the same data center our game servers are at.

    However, the EMC site is still on the old host its always been on, and i've been needing to migrate it to the new server so we can shutdown this old.

    Planning to do this tonight, but it could get cancelled.

    Website could be down for 1-3 hours (I stayed up past 3am last night to make sure i'm not too tired tonight....) and during this it will not be accessible (Square will still work, so no getting away with rule breaking)

    After the move, some ISP's may take longer to propagate the DNS change. Will see about a temp address for that.

    The new server is MUCH faster, and will help pave the way of solving a bunch of technical issues EMC has, by giving it direct access to the games database.

    going to try to get it back up as fast as possible.
  2. First! #linked2it

    Hopefully won't be too long! :)
  3. Best of luck with the move Aikar!
  4. I hope it will be up again by the time I wake up :)
  5. everything should be migrated over now! please let me know of any issues
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  6. Hi Aikar, by trying to like your post - I've found an issue.

    Whenever I try to like a post (any post) I get this error message:
    The following error occurred:

    A server error occurred. Please try again later.
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  7. ^ same
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  8. that one is resolved, any more?
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  9. I liked the above post and it worked.
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  10. il_fullxfull.117757645.jpg

    upload a file seems to work ... so does report ...
  11. ahhh, so that's what was going on. lol. I was crashing and lagging out a lot yesterday and then I saw that Aikar got on and off .. it seemed to be working much better after that. =D Thank you Aikar!!! I'll be back on today when I get off work. Yay!
  12. Huh? But we're talking about website server maintenance here, not Minecraft server maintenance, right?
  13. Is there ever going to be a fix for the phone site? Its quite odd havivg a big black square in the middle of no where on the website, but at least it can still be used.
  14. Maybe try deleting your cache for the website (if this is a new problem)
  15. Do you mean how the background goes black when you zoom out?

    Thats just a visual glitch, but it needed to be done to get the site ready for a mobile friendly version.
    I have a contest up for any web oriented people to help pass me some changes that will 'improve' the site (not fully redesign it for mobile), and the line that causes the background to cut off is required for that.
  16. How do I do this?
    Its always there, maybe its just me. I am unsure of this
  17. Same problem for me, so it's not just you High_Jacker :)
  18. When I get home, I will post a screenshot to show you the problem. This is on a iPhone 5s if you need to know.
  19. There's your problem :p
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  20. So are you saying that its a problem on all IOS device? Because it happens on my iPad aswell as my iPhone
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