Weave Silk Thread!

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  1. So when I'm like bored n stuff, I go on this site and make pictures like this:

    and then when I make those pretty pictures, Im like "whoa, I am sooo sunny!". So Basically With dis thread. Post what creations you can make on Weave Silk.

    Here da link: http://weavesilk.com

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  2. I'm using a mobile device how are you supposed to post the picture

  3. Pretty happy with it :D
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  4. How do I post my creation using my ipad /ipad mini?
  5. you can screen shot the screen or there should be a share button, then you can upload with imgur c:
  6. Apparently this app is really good for creating flowers lol :3

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  7. Wow. For iPad it's pretty expensive. Looks great though.
  8. The website version is free http://weavesilk.com
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  9. This is pretty sweet :)
  10. Two more I made about a month back:

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  11. Heres one last before I go to school. Feeling really gray today...
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  12. Howdo you do this stuff...
    on ipad holding the middle *symmetry line* will make a random image to slowly form. creates some pretty cool stuff :D
  13. I thought this was a thread about silken_thread. Guess not.
  14. I tried
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