We need a new sub-forum for beggars.

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  1. Is there any chance that we can get a "sub-forum" for beggars where they can beg all they want to?

    I donate to people - ALOT. But that doesn't mean that i want to read begging posts on the forums - its ruining the whole purpose of reading the topics that HAS a purpose (Like Eclipsys etc. and their community creations.)

    And im not talking about the guys who has a community creation - but about the random topics "Need more rupees" "I need money" "Can someone donate to me please" "I am low on rupees" "I need donations" "Can someone be my friend" etc etc etc...

    We are already living with the random spam ingame - do we really have to read the POSTS too?

    Im sorry, i really am - but its just getting out of hand - and since noone is closing the topics even thought they are randomly placed over the whole forum, i was thinking - give them a place to beg - then, if someone has an urge to help someone by giving away rupees, he knows where to look.. and the rest of us doesn't have to bother..

    Venting: DONE.
    Next step: Good night.
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  2. i donate to tons of people too...
    i agree with you
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  3. Good Idea Im kinda getting annoyed with beggers 2 -.- But I am still nice to them but still REALLY ANNOYED WITH BEGGERS -.- Im sorry if any begger is reading this but You should remember something called the "Daily rupee bonus" So great Idea PThagaard *like*
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  4. anyone want to donate to my res on smp1.... lol jkjk
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  5. lol
  6. i donate alot as well but they dont really annoy me. only if there like "I NEED ALOT OF COBBLE STONE FOR FREE" (example of today) other than that i dont really have a problem with them
  7. I agree, the ingame begging i can live with...

    But im really just annoyed with the random posts on the forums - so a place where they can beg i preferable imo.
  8. 9. Thou Shalt Not Be a Pain In The Chat
    Do not beg for items or residence permissions.

    This is cut directly from empire guide, and while strictly speaking it applies in-game, the same rules are applicable on the site.
    We would appreciate it if there was no begging as it makes others feel uncomfortable and everything you need can be found in the wilderness for free.

    Please note there is a difference between officially asking for specific donations, and players begging for items/rupees.
    Official donation posts generally list which items they require, their amount, and what they will be used for. They are also usually not repeated, generally being posted only once, and referred back to a few times.
    Begging posts are multiple spamming posts just asking for table scraps basically, and really have no place on the forums or in game whatsoever.
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  9. I do indeed agree - and I'm sure most people do, but can you imaging how much bigger the report system would be if we were to report the begging?

    Just trying to look at it as a whole here - if we should report it, then great.