wat will happen to plot

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  1. if lets say i become gold then i get second plot then cancel gold wat happens to second plot
  2. you'll keep the second plot forever, but Justin is planning on changing this
  3. Hmmm... So maybe my plans for getting another gold account will work better than planned...
  4. Ya I used to be gold and had a utopia lot, I still have it. I think at this point there isn't much sense in taking away the lot, but I could see him changing this since you are no longer paying for the privlage
  5. Whilst there is currently no automatic process in place to reclaim additional lots if supporters stop supporting, there will be a process introduced in the near future to do this. It will likely be that after you have stopped supporting you will be contacted to choose which lot/lots you would like to keep, but if not replying to request after a specified amount of time one would automatically be unclaimed for you. If you had definite plans to become a supporter again it is likely we wouldn't claim any from you though, they would be safe until you began supporting again. :)
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  6. Pff why the hassle, just become supporter for life like me.
  7. until you run out of spare cash... we dont all have loaded pockets!
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  8. Well, 15$ a month is not really what I call a fortune ^^
  9. Um,It's 20$ make sure you know ow much your paying
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  10. well i dont exclusively play minecraft! I have quit a few other subscriptions to stuff!