Wastelands Reset Incoming alongside 1.19 update

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by chickeneer, Jun 7, 2022.

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  1. Wastelands Reset Incoming with 1.19 Update!
    This reset does NOT include the Frontier or Town.
    Please disassemble any structures you have in the WASTELANDS (overworld AND nether) INCLUDING LOCKED CHESTS and move the materials to town ASAP. There will be an in-game announcement about this as well.

    NO Tentative Date for the 1.19 update.
    Will NOT be before June 26, 2022, so get your stuff before then.

    (We do not have an exact time and it could be delayed due to final bug testing or staff availability. This is a MINIMUM date)

    I (chickeneer), am optimistic that this will be a quick update. Thus, I desired to communicate that the update will be accompanied with a waste reset and you should prepare appropriately. The update may be 2 weeks away or 4. We are just now starting on it. So control your expectations please. :)

    The wastelands are never meant for any permanent structures and are intended to be a mining and resource gathering land. They are generally reset alongside a version update or periodically, in order to allow for fresh lands to be generated for new blocks to be available.
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  2. Am working on protocol support for 1.19. There are some proxy (bungeecord) issues that are preventing us from rolling it out right away. Connect with 1.18.2 for now.
  3. So what I’m hearing is I need to take all my valuables to the waste and make a base before June 18th. I love it when a plan comes together.
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  4. woo

    side note: we need a new wasteland reset graphic with a certain chicken in it lol
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  5. Just falling from the sky at the speed of a meteor to smash the reset button :)
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  6. A worn out and battered (from all the support requests and dev work) chicken crawling slowly across the floor towards the trigger for the Genesis device might make for a nice graphic.
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  7. I'm all in. I will get my obsidian to line the bunker. I have very few netherite blocks - those can be used to seal the vault

    On a side note, I am a little flummoxed at the suddenness of this announcement. Might need to imbue myself with water breathing potions just to get through it...

    OH! frogs! nvm.....

    (rip sweet firefly. I shall cry for you.)
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  8. That’s a cool idea! I bet MoreMoople could draw something like that; she’s a far better artist than I could ever hope to be!
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  9. and reset wave has begins
    1.19 just come. lemme prepare stuffs
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  10. Hip, hip hurray for the new reset that's coming!!!! Can't wait until I get my hands on some frogs.
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  11. \o/
    Nice! Already have build plans for some of the new blocks and items :D
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  12. Is there going to be an In-game Announcement for this also? I know last time some people lost stuff cause they're not forum active.
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  13. Eh, will probably announce it when I have a better idea of the time frame for the update. This forum thread is not too obtrusive, but having it constantly in your face in-game when it could be 4 weeks - isn't the vibe.
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  14. 1.19 protocol support got fixed last night.
    You should be able to connect with 1.19 clients.

    It is worth noting that significant progress has been made on the 1.19 update. Already looking forward to scheduling the update. (Have to get the final issues worked out and line up the schedules of Aikar and myself).
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  15. Would a 2 week notice be something that could be put in game or a week maybe for those that don't follow the forums?

    Also for everyone else:

    If you know someone that is working in the wastes but may not be forum active, do them a favor and give them the heads up so they can start to tear down and remove what they want to keep.
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  16. When we know, we will put it in game. :( I have already said as such.
  17. I know I'm not in-game much, but I'm pretty sure this is a custom. :)
  18. I don't think I have ever been in game when the notices were getting posted in game so why I mentioned it. If it is already thing then EMC is already doing a good chunk to warn everyone of the pending reset. Aside from this post of course.. :cool:
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  19. i lost my chest oof
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  20. Its not updated yet soo how have you lost your chest?
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