Warning for everyone who loves attempting these Stunts.

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  1. Well in the Nether I found a glitch while mining for quartz and I am one of the people who love doing this but apparently something is now wrong in the system. if you jump from a very high place (Approximetly 69+ blocks high) and fall into a lava pool 6+ blocks deep you die instantly. here is a crappy video I made showing you the glitch.

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  2. Start a private conversation with the video and any information about the bug to JackBiggin, Aikar, Silken_Thread, Maxarias, IcecreamCow and myself please. :)

    *EDIT* Appears to not be bug, don't worry about it. :)
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  3. May i ask why you picked that group of people to mention?:)
  4. Well technically it's fire resistance, not 6 feet lava resistance, so that should happen; but hey, it's Minecraft. :p
  5. I never noticed who all was listed until now. O_O

    Also, I probably found this the other day too. Brit and I just assumed I fell in a shallow spot -_-.
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  6. I think you hit the ground of the lava pool! Lava doesn't stop fall damage as water does! undefined
  7. Most lava lakes are pretty deep so she must have built up momentum which plunged her deep into it then.
  8. It's not a bug, unlike water, lava doesn't prevent fall damage.
  9. So, I went to a creative world, dug a 6 block down hole, filled it with source lava blocks, built blocks up 69 blocks, drank a resist potion, and jumped, I almost died.
    I'm assuming that water doesn't stop your fall damage like water like collect says, and you were probably around 75 blocks high.
  10. this lava Pool is very deep its 6+ blocks deep so this is not Normal at all I've been doing this stunt for Ages now(Of course when Fire protection potions where implemented) before 1.5.1 and this is the first time I ever died this way.
  11. Inner circle...
  12. It might just be an addition to 1.5.

    Does the same thing happen on single player?
  13. I'll try
  14. #EmpireConspiracy2013
  15. Ah, I love the smell of illuminati in the morning.
  16. My minions
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