[WANTED] marlix helmet

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  1. so as the title says
    im looking for a marlix helmet
    im ready to pay pretty much for it
    so pm me or post something down here :)
  2. I have a Marlix Helmet, unused, that I am willing to trade in part exchange for a super rare :) If you are possibly interested in a deal like that or wish to know more about what I mean then please PM me, thanks!
  3. im not trading my super rare for it
  4. i posted this on the wrong forum i think
    can a mod or so change it to the right one
  5. I'm not saying trading a super rare directly for it, I said part-exchange - which means I could offer other promos/special events items/mob drop items/cash (rupees) with the helmet as well for a super rare. If you're more interested in something like that then feel free to PM me. :)
    As for this, yes, this should probably be under "Products, Businesses and Services", to have it changed, please report the original post in this thread asking for the thread to be moved. :)
  6. ya but im only looking to buy one
    im not trading anything :p
  7. i can sell you one for the right price
  8. sorry for the late respond
    whats the right price :p
  9. Idk o.o
  10. with how much would you be happy :p
  11. 1 million rupees!!! but anyways seriously let me ask my consutants
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  12. haha ok :p
    plz be quick xD