Want To Sell In Bulk?

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  1. I'm looking for suppliers of the following:
    > Obsidian
    > Glass
    > Sandstone
    > Sand
    > Stone
    > Stone Brick
    > Logs (All Types)
    > Wool (Red, White, Black, Silver)
    > Diamonds
    > Gold
    > Redstone
    > Glowstone
    > XP Bottles
    > Emeralds
    > Coal Ores
    > Other items potentially.

    You can either sell to my shops (/v 405 on SMP1 and /v 19221 on SMP9 under construction) or arrange a supplier contract. Supply contracts give you a regular stable price in exchange for your commitment to produce regularly a certain amount/week.

    Perks of being a supplier:
    > No begging, spamming, shop building, etc... required.
    > Daily prizes/recognition for top suppliers.
    > Produce the items you are best at producing.
    > Stable guaranteed income with contract.

    Contracts can range from small 500r/week to as much as you want to make really. You don't need a contract to be a supplier, only if you want a supplier room and guaranteed income.