[VOLUNTEER WORK] Creating New Roads After Restart

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Will you be volunteering?

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Yes 4 vote(s) 16.0%
No 7 vote(s) 28.0%
Maybe 14 vote(s) 56.0%
  1. Hello I'm looking for people to volunteer to go into the wasteland
    and help recreate the roads!

    Me (and maybe sgt_pepper4)
    will try and get as much cobble as we can
    to supply the volunteers
    to make the roads



    If you would like to volunteer please leave a reply on this forum

    (if you would like to volunteer to get the cobblestone we will also be accepting volunteers to get cobblestone)

    P.S. I will be making a list of names for the desired outposts and directions

    We need 36 people to make each road now I think thats a very hard standard to meet so I will start it off at 5 people (if more people want to volunteer I will add more numbers)

    Please include your [server] [outpost] [direction]

    1. Bloodycrap101 - Smp8 North East (North)
    2. MrBOBY02 - Smp2 South (South)
    3. HunKoon15 - smp4 Center (North)
    4. BlueVault13 - Smp3 Center (South)
    5. moneyman8201 - Smp8 Center (West)
    6. BreezyMan - Smp6 (random) (random)
    8. white_trash_dna -amp2 Center (North)
    9. Capt_Priest - Smp3 Center (North)

    10. Gearmaster09 - Smp4 ALL ROADS!!!!!!!!

    (View the map at /map on your desired server)

    If you have any cobble please please please! donate some

    Thanks -Bloody
  2. I might be able to help, not sure. Got to organize an event in the frontier outpost I live in, and also I have to manage my hotel. Though, I will try and find time to help.

    2. MrBOBY02 smp2 South (South)

    Oh yeah, and by outpost, does it mean your wastelands base? (thats what I am thinking)

    Hope we can finish the roads after maybe 1 - 3 weeks after the reset :p
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  3. outpost as in /north
  4. So I found out that its 96k blocks of cobble each server so we will only be supplying for smp8. we are sorry for the mishap we understand if you dont want to volunteer anymore. Sorry again if we have any extra cobble we will try and get it to you. Sorry again. :(
  5. I will build roads on smp3 to help out :)
  6. In My Opinion, I think that the Frontier would need it more, just to help people get past the messed up stuff. If it was in the frontier i would help on smp6
  7. Which direction? and which Outpost?
  8. I feel like the waste land would need it more so new people could access mines better
  9. Would you be able to use stone? Or just cobble?
  10. Im getting cobble if you want to smelt it thats ok
  11. As i go mining every time i am on, and i have a silk touch pick that i use alot, i usually get 10 stacks of stone per expedition.
  12. Then go ahead :)
  13. I am curious as to where you got the estimate for how much cobble you will need?
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  14. Is this for the current wastelands or the upcoming reset version?
  15. Every where I can :)
  16. Reset (hence the title)
  17. I might be able to help little bits at a time but ill see what i can do :cool: btw im in smp8.
  18. I can help on smp4. Cobble normally makes me ill, but I'll give it a shot. /waste e

    Cleanup is better for the frontier, otherwise you just escort new griefers to older structures :)
  19. I agree that the wastelands after the reset could use roads but... We don't even know what the wastelands will even look like once they are refreshed let alone where any mines will possibly be. Just wondering what the plan is to build these roads... Straight out in all directions from the spawns?

    Also... May want turn the cobblestone into slabs to lay the roads so that they are creeper proof. I am on SMP6 but I do like this idea.
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  20. Reset version