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  1. Okay so first of all: I play minecraft to make big, pretty things. So not purely to make money like some people do.
    I also like functional things, because people come to see them alot more often that way. (hotels, shops, etc)

    So the first project that i'd like to show is the lava/water fountain (sorry this was before I used F1):


    It sadly got destroyed when I switched residences, so the screenshot is all I have left. :(

    ...and now the project currently in production: The Hydrosphere Hotel


    I have to fill the entire residence like this up 20+ layers (probably going above surface level) so it'll take a while. The idea is to have all these glass spheres randomly placed around with entrances using the teleport pads.

    I don't want to trust too many people with such a delicate project, but I think at this point I could allow for a few workers to lay the dirt and fill the checkerboard, if anyone's interested. (it's not that exciting though: trust me)

    Edit: Wow, I messed the title up, how embarrassing XD
  2. This looks really cool but it is kinda dark on the second picture?
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  3. Thanks, and very true: I updated the picture with a better 1! :p
  4. Hydrosphere Hotel huh? Meaning, you fill the entire residence with water?
  5. Looks cool! now I can see it better!
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  6. Pretty much :D
    I should really just make running waterfalls from the top for speed of building, but it seems too lazy.
    It also needs lots more glass spheres!
  7. I love your underwater hotel! :D
    It's actually what inspired me to make the spheres out of glass (they were going to be other materials originally)
  8. We actually built all the buildings first, then made a little hole the entire res. wide. We filled that with water, then just dug away the dirt. That makes the water fill the entire space.