[Video] How to get Unlimited Rupees

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  1. Hello It's your favorite person here because I'm about to show you how to get unlimited rupees.

    Also this is approved by EMC because You can obviously see Margaritte helping me.

    Also this is real because you can tell because I didn't put an intro because I want everyone to see it asap.

    I want to thank Margaritte and Bobthetomatoo9798 for helping me make this.

  2. You need 2 MC names like BobBobBob and BobBob.

    Have a chestshop sign and have BobBob make it then have BobBob be offline and BobBobBob online. Both accounts will get rupees when someone buys from that signs.
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  3. This is an exploit then, I'd suggest taking the video down immediately until it can be fixed.
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  5. My first thought when i saw this was.
    "Someones about to get banned."
  6. So only one player gets the rupees, but both players get the notification?
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  7. lol wat this doesnt prove anything
  8. I thought you were just getting Margaritte to buy something she wouldn't normally buy, and that was the trick :p As if you could just keep saying "Okay marg, buy the iron" and she just keeps buying.
    But seriously, if this works, then it needs to be reported.
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  9. Isnt this notifaction bug older then me starting emc :p
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  11. This has been this way for AGES... :p If AlexChance2 was on the same server as AlexChance, AlexChance2 would get the notifications but not the actual rupees - it's not an exploit, just a visual bug. Also, EMC-107 :)
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  12. He wouldn't know ^. Don't listen to him lol
  13. same lol
  14. Lies
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  15. Thought you where going to give us all you rupees forever and ever :p

    Its not double the rupees just the msg sent to both names and rupees to 1 person.

    If you find anything like this where you get rupees in this way or similar things then pls do not post in the main forum. Instead pls send a pm to the bug team and add our names you can also add Aikar, Maxarias and Icecreamcow to the mesg. Explain what the bug is, providing all relevant information, tnx.


    I am not sure if you are serious ^ but this could be considered verbally griefing a member of the bug team and I would request that you don't do that.

    Your post has the potential to mislead other players.
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  16. Joe wasn't being serious, he likes to joke around and "pick on" Alex. He meant no harm.
  17. Sarcasm is so difficult over the internet *cries and wishes for a sarcasm emoticon* :(
  18. Computer+saracasm=Doesn't compute .... *rolls eyes + smug smile maybe?
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  19. This thread was made after the Bug report since I already had to footage I felt a little trolly so I asked Marg (1 minute after I made the thread) and she said yes it was okay.
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