Video game Mythbuster 3: Are Red and Ash brothers.

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  1. Woot, the second one to do with Pokemon! :p

    Red, the main character of the early Pokemon games. He is a good, strong trainer who quickly climbs the ranks of pokemon trainers.

    Ash, The main character of the TV series. He is a horrible trainer who defeats no Pokemon leagues. (Orange islands do not count)

    But could they be, related. The story goes that Red is older then Ash by a few years, so he started his quest at the games release. Ash is younger, so he started when the show was released. Red is a Pokemon master, having defeated the Elite Four. Ash on the other hand, sucks hardcore, and has not defeated one Pokemon League, Orange Islands do not count. This is also why Brock and the others stick around with Ash, as they also worked with Red. This is ALSO why Gary is so uninterested with Ash, as he already had his fights with Red.

    Now, is this real. Well, only the people at Game Freak and Nintendo know this. I think it could be true, but its still up for debate.

    Well, thats my third thread for VGMB. Hope you liked it! :)
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  5. xD this is what I thought originally but it's unlikely cause Gary is the same age as Ash