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  1. if you go way back you see things like "i was banned" by players who haven't logged on for 2 years i think they should be deleted before some noob gets on and says "OOOOOOO IM BUMMPING THIS!!!!!!!"
  2. Last time I checked, EMC hasn't been a sever for even ONE year. Also, by posting this, you just reminded the spammers about the old threads.
  3. Eh, who are you referring a noob, noob! Just because you upgraded your membership ......
    And what mrlegitlegit said.
  4. oops i thought 2011 was 2 years ago but still 2012!!
  5. =_= ... Wow ...
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  6. Tehwafflez : "Hey I know your new to emc for the most part, I might come off a litte mean here but, can you please work on your spelling and having real reasons for posting.. I have seen a lot of nonsense posts on your part and it is kinda irritating. I hope that you are enjoying your emc expierence :)"
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  7. OK I GET IT!!!
  8. Lol wow I never thought some one would quote me :p. Sorry Dogs, maybe just maybe you should play mc more and be on the forums less :).. Idk, it's just a suggestion and I don't want to come off harsh :\
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  9. Do you realize that this post contradicts a lot of your actions?
  10. i was a noob then but not now;)
  11. you sir have just let yourself wide open for a lot of insults, but I am nice and will just warn you what you just did der
  12. I'm holding myself back. lol
  13. and i myself am good at insulting people
  14. *You're
    *EMC is a proper noun
    This is a game not your business proposal at work. If we had to have perfect grammar than there would be a rule about it. I'm not saying to totally disregard all grammar and spelling, but it doesn't have to be perfect.
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