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  1. So I hate that I'm having to write this thread. I hate when other people write them, but I've done my best not to post them all the time. But anyway..

    Lately I've gotten comments from random people like I act like I'm better than everyone or I do nothing but hunt people down and post insults everyday, I do nothing but kiss up to the mods and report everyone. Was never my intention to seem this way at all. I always try to think before commenting or doing things. If I ever report anyone it's for something severe or it's a repeated offence they have committed in chat and already been asked to stop/warned to stop. I don't hunt people down to post rude comments. I don't sit and read every thread just to be rude to people. I'm doing what we're all told to do. If you see someone breaking the rules, let staff know, also on the guide it says:
    Conflict Resolution
    Resolve any conflicts quickly and with compassion for others. If a moderator has to step in to resolve a conflict, all parties involved may find themselves having a 24-hour break from the Empire Minecraft server. If someone is violating one of the commandments, privately tell one of the moderators. False claims of commandment violation will result in the claimant being banned.

    I just do what I can to follow the rules and remind everyone of them. Of course I'm going to be rude if you're rude to me first. I was always taught to be nice to everyone but yet I read the forums and we're supposed to proud to have 60K members and want people to stay and more members to come yet I see people being rude to each other and practically breaking the rules and then using the commandments to back them up.

    Also I guess I should explain some things. I'm not trying to make excuses but I guess my mood from RL is bleeding over into EMC.
    • I've been stuck in my house for 2+ months with no car. Cabin fever is something I would wish on no-one. The only people I know are alive and I have seen their faces and I know I'm not talking to a bunch of robots- are my husband, our creepy old landlord and whoever comes to give him a ride to and from work for the weekend and then I don't see him for 3 days.
    • We've been without a car since March 1st because his boss called on the way to work, his phone fell and he went to grab it, the forestry truck slammed on it's breaks, causing an 18-wheeler to stop in front of him and he didn't see it, so he ran under it. The car we bought and put all of our tax money into caught fire in our driveway two weeks later.
    • The house we live in, is practically falling apart around us because our landlord sucks. If we ask him to come fix anything, he chooses to come fix it when I'm home alone and then I have to listen to him rant about losing millions.
    • I haven't seen my dad and my sister in person for 3 years. It's starting to get to me. The only friends that I have, are online. Mostly on EMC.
    • I have health problems, like PCOS. Poly-Cystic Ovary Syndrome. I have hormone issues, Bi-Polar, Depression, Anxiety etc. I'm overweight. My hair falls out. I'm constantly sick and in pain and unhappy even though I make the effort but can't stand for long or I start to hurt so badly I can't move.
    So I guess if I've came across as rude or hateful or anything like that, I didn't mean to be and sarcasm doesn't translate well through text. I'm really sorry guys.
  2. If it makes you feel any better, i dont think you are rude or think your better then everyone else to anyone :)

  3. Let's hug Panda. Awkward hug inbound

  4. I think you are really nice panda. There have been times when I have been breaking the rules and you have pointed out my mistakes, I understand that you're only trying to help and no matter what anyone says, I think that you're one of the most helpful and nicest players here on EMC!
  5. Who said you where mean? I will KILL them! <-----That is a joke
  6. Rude? You?! Don't listen to them. You are the one of the kindest persons I have ever seen on EMC, always trying to cheer up everybody :D I really hope all the issues in real life get fixed as soon as possible, but remember, you will always have your EMC friends with you. :)
  7. Don't think I could have said it any better. :D

    I wish you the best in real life as well. :)
  8. I never noticed you being rude. In fact, I noticed people being rude to you.
  9. Pandas, you are by and far one of the nicest people I know. I wish us smp7'ers still got to have your awesomeness, but however much life sucks, or frustrated you are with peoples, you can always know that you still have great friends. I'll be praying for your real world life, and I really hope that things look up soon, if anyone deserves it, its certainly you.

    Here's a picture that seems appropriate
    hug a panda.jpg
    Also, heres this picture, just for fun :)
    pandas nom nom.jpg
  10. Pandas, in the little time I got to hang out with you on smp7 you made a great impression on me as a genuine and kind person. Your comments throughout the threads reflect the same thing. As cddm95ace previously stated, "You are by and far one of the nicest people I know." You are a dear part of our community. Plus you have the knack for finding perfect GIFs for every situation. I too will be praying for you and your husband.
  11. Thanks guys. Things just get to me and I felt like I had to apologize.
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  12. Hi Panda,

    I'm guessing this has something to do with someone who we will leave un-named falsely blaming you for doing things which got said person in trouble. If so, I just wanted to let you know that you don't need to feel bad about that in any way. There's a reason you're here right now and they're not.
  13. I've never really seen you as a bad person, or really seen you at all.
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  14. Your an amazing person pandas! EMC would be a completely different place without your amazing personality and avatar(s)! :D
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  15. Not just one person, it's been several through the whole time I've been on EMC. Mostly recently. Just felt I needed to say something since it keeps being said.
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  16. Yeah, those things will happen in any large community, unfortunately. However, I think it's clear that you can just shake off the haters as you have quite a few people in this thread who have noticed the good in you. :)
  17. Hey Pandas, I haven't really spent too much time on the same server as you even, but I reckon you're one of the kindest, most caring & funniest users on EMC. You've helped shape communities and I don't think I'm the only one who views you as a semi-role-model :) You're awesome, don't be sad :D
  18. The only issue I have with you is how silent you are on Mumble!
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  19. I for one would just like to say that I have never seen you post anything that is portraying that you suck up to the mods nor have I ever seen you talk as if you're better than everyone else.
    Yes you post a fair bit, but as far as I recall I can only remember about to occasion in which you have posted something remotely rude but it was very called for.
    You post in a friendly, knowledgeable and helpful fashion and so I cannot understand why and how people could think of you as being one to think that you're better than everyone else.
    All I have to say is that these negative things being said to you are typical of bullies, and why do they bully particular people; because they are jealous and envy them ;) (So bully actually thinks the person who they are picking on is awesome!)
    The way I like to think of bullies, although it is sometimes challenging to get past their nasty actions, is to consider their actions complements; they are jealous of how awesome you are and want to be more like you :)

    Don't worry about what other people say, the EMC community is your friend, I am only too happy to be your friend as well :D
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  20. Panda. you have been on EMC waaayyy longer than me, but I can tell that you are one of the kindest, funniest, and most helpful people in community. Also, just remember only awesome things have haters.