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  1. I was thinking what do I want to do with my utopia residence. Then I thought why not leave it up to you guys to come up with the ideas. So if you have an idea leave it in the comments and I will make my decision December 25 (aka christmas). It may not be any of the ones posted thought they are there to give me ideas but one may be picked if I like it. So any Ideas will be accepted so I will leave it up to you guys. LET THE IDEAS BEGIN!!!
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  2. People usually get a Utopia residence for either a very big and ambitious build or for farms. You could make a giant house/mansion/castle project perhaps, or make a lot of farms! :)
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  3. I used to have a ton of farms on my utopia and that's all I've ever really used it for. Now it's an empty lot.

    Although if you're going to do a very large build you're probably better off getting four adjacent SMP residences- more people will see the build despite the complications.
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  4. Ok ty guys for the ideas i was kind of leaning toward big farms
  5. Big auto farms are good because you can have a shop on your smp res and get the materials from utopia.
  6. yea but I am still looking for other good ideas because some people have cool utopia res
  7. Maybe a big sky island

    (Because why not? You can fly after all)
  8. True you don't even have to have been a supporter ever to fly on utopia!
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  9. Maybe you could build a giant ufo flying above your res!:eek:
  10. I used to have a Huge ark farm, melons, pumpkins, coco beans, wheat, stone, cobble, oak and birch auto farm.. You can do a lot
  11. yea those flying ideas sound cool guys
  12. Thanks that's probably what I am going to do when I get a utopia res