Utopia Town Wide Yard Sale

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  1. There is something new in the wonderful life of Empire Minecraft.

    The yard sale will be held on utopia. If you choose to have one and do not have a place, talk to me. If you rather, you may talk to a friend, 'cause they might let you in.
    So, if you choose to have one be sure to bring whatever you are interested in selling.
    This yard sale will happen TODAY at 3:00 Empire time. Be sure to come!

    How a yard sale works in real life:
    * The yard sale is a store in either a person's garage of their house, or in their yard.

    How a yard sale works in game:
    * Same thing, only you have sands outside because there are no garages. Only unless--you built one.
    * These stands will hold item frames.
    * The stands will have access chests.

    Need more information?
    Just ask. :) I'll be there.
  2. My residence on utopia is 5617