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  1. Usui Marketplace will be closed down until further notice. However, existing shops will still remain until they run out of stock.


    Do you need a shop but can't fit it in your res? Or if you wanted to have a shop at SMP1 but live somewhere else? Then buy a shop at Usui Marketplace [Res #1601] for only one easy payment of 100r. Simply come to the res when I'm online and pay me. Find the "FOR LEASE" signs (As shown below), choose and pay! You will get 12 min. build perms (If you need more, change the prices etc. tell me), Use & Container (via [ ACCESS ] signs) and insurance (If anything bugs out) and the first person to PM me about it will get 75% off! So come if you're interested! P.S Sorry if it may be hard to manoeuvre around. It's being taken care of because the spawn is having an upgrade. That will explain the dirt in one of the photos.





  2. Can I rent one out?
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  3. How many chests does 100r get you?
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  4. Chests: As many as you can fit. If you want to rent it, that is possible but I'd recommend you buy it as it is cheaper for you. P.S Please ignore the giant "Nese" sign. It's part of Leopard_Knight's house (Player who lives on that res) and not the Marketplace and I forgot to mention there is a part of the Marketplace called "Tenant's Mail". Everyone who owns a shop gets one.
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  5. If you want to know all shops present at 1601. Here it is.

    Green: Open Orange: Under Construction/Other Red: Closing Down/Empty

    Ducky Realty (Marketplace office)
    Wool Heaven
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  6. Can I have one please?
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  7. I wantz to haz one pl0x
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  8. Yep. Just go to 1601 (SMP1) and pay me 100r. Make sure I am online so I can give you build permissions for 12 min. For more info, Read the original post.
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  9. Update: I'm making teleporters for every shop for ease of access.
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  10. I tried selling aisles in my shop a while back, didn't work. Suppose you're just cheaper...
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  11. Together?
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  12. This is a cool idea, I wish you luck in your endeavor.
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  13. Nice idea.
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  14. Im scared again >.>

    Equinox_Boss is on another liking spree! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!
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  15. nfell2009 is on another site post spree! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!
  16. Yay! Posting >.>
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  17. Yay liking :D
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  18. Did it >.> Just forgot to post on here :)

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  19. Oh! What a wonderful idea! I wish you the best of luck in this ^_^
  20. I had this idea but i did not think it would work...clearly it does now :(
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