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  1. Hey Guys,

    Im looking for a new username but i cant think of one so im open to suggestions :) feel free to post ur selection below.

    The type of username im looking for is a one-word (No numbers or anything) that is cool sounding as well as interesting.
  2. ApolloVI or any roman numerals
  3. Buttsaggington
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  4. FiddleButts ( Sips fans ), Teptrok, Krioplex, Yoplung. I just randomly made up those names :)
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  6. SirFlufferButterIII
  7. Great suggestions so far! favourites are yoplung and ApolloVI at the moment
  8. Aaaaaannnnddd Buttsaggington
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  9. Of course :D
  10. i got one: Darksuperservant :3
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  11. Oh, I like creative words.
  12. I'm thinking:
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  13. thats good keep it coming lol XD
  14. Bump! need more suggestions :)
  15. Frank.
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  16. MelkSeventyThree?
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  17. TehCreepers
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  18. anyone like the name Elysphic?
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