Urgent! Need Admin

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  1. hello, i am speaking for my friend. Canuckshockey, he recently changed his email and cannot login due to the fact that he cant change his password and his old email associated with his EMC account got deleted, pm me for the new email please. thank you
  2. and his password was set to make password not work after 60 days
  3. I advise that you PM IcecreamCow, he'll be able to sort it for you. (Probably)
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  4. Can I be an Admin?
  5. ?
    msco- Are you serious? xD *goes into my living room and laughs to death*
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  6. Never mind it was Canuckshockey talking erl
  7. If you make your own server, yes!
  8. If your goal on EMC is to be staff.
    Then you already failed.
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