[Update] can we update to 1.4.4?

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  1. I just see, that Mojang has updated MC to 1.4.4, can we update and still play on EMC?


    [Edit] and I saw, that the German Wiki list 1.4.4, but the english not, why?
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  2. I know. I just updatd and I cant get on now
  3. ok, thanks
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  4. The EMC servers are not quite ready to update to 1.4.4, but it shouldn't be to long :)
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  5. It's just bugfixes, of course you can, if there were any danger of not getting on, Aikar or someone would have posted as such.
    And if we get multiple threads about this update....
  6. And tuns out you can't, me stupid...
    I didnt think anything would change for a bugfix release.
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  7. Neither did I, which is why I updated. But I always back up my .JAR files so when I found out I couldn't get on, it wasn't really a problem :p
  8. I almost didn't backup,
  9. xD
  10. 0_o i updated thinking that since its only bug fixes it would work ._.
  11. me too because thats whats happened before when updates were bugfixes
  12. Click Here for 1.4.4 information on the English wiki its shown under 'Upcoming Features'
  13. So the german live in the future :p They say, we have 1.4.4 and the english speaking countries say, it will come :p go Germany!
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  14. downgraded like a BLAWK!
  15. You cannot update to 1.4.4 yet I just tryed it EMC dont work.
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  16. how do you downgrade
  17. It's a bit weird not being able to update to 1.4.4 as on EMC whenever a minor update (only switching the third number) it didn't affect being able to connect to the server... Oh well I'm not going to update :p
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  19. I cleaned up this thread a little. Let's stay on topic, folks, and not be rude.
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