Ultimate Fails Compilation

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  1. Ultimate Fails Compilation

    This video contains: stronge language, and stupid people.

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  2. ... Lots and lots of stupid people
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  3. So many stoopud people.... that guy who fell on cactus doe....
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  4. Well stew up there jumped off a 50 block cliff 8.5k blocks out in the nether...
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  5. stew, what do you have to say to this?
  6. No comment.
  7. You would not believe how hard I was Rofling afterwards...
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  8. Just like rob ford.
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  9. Is the cactus guy the one that said," Green means go" then threw himself onto a cactus?
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  10. What if i were to say that i was in that video?
  11. 1. I did not say all of the people in those videos were stupid.

    For example- the innocent bystanders laughing at the stupid people. or also the people that made legitimate mistakes not attributed to their stupidness.

    2. Due to 1^^^. I wouldn't say anything different. in other words. nothing personal
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  12. That guy the jumped on the cactus -.-
    It wasn't even a small, unnoticable cactus
    It was a big cactus that he looked at and jumped directly into u.u
    I worry for humanity

    Edit: The people who make me laugh are the ones who know it's going to end badly but still do it anyway u.u
  13. Well, i'm just kidding. I'm not in that video :p
  14. Bump
    And here is another video!