TWF's Bulk Buying Center

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  1. Hello Everyone, it's rburke5786 owner of the Wooden Fortress on the smp5 server. I named my shop TWF, it's not what it sounds like. It's short for The Wooden Fortress.

    I wanted to post about a creation I just made for my shop, it's the Bulk Buying Center. Yes the flooring is currently dirt, I do intend on re-skinning the entire room with something else and I want to put a center piece in.
    I've had a few people suggest that they wanted to buy farm items in bulk, for now it's just farm items. The way you can tell that you can buy from the chest it by means of a redstone lamp behind the shop sign. When lit, you can buy a SC worth of that item, but then the lamp will turn off because then it needs to refill. As you can see from the picture below, the items get to the chest by means of a long hopper line that starts from upstairs in the "From the Farm" aisle.
    This is behind the Sugar Cane chest, when the chests exceeds a amount (measured by a comparator), the hoppers drop some down to the Bulk Buying Center chest. The comparator enables/disables the hoppers that are below most of the chests. Bread I don't sell in bulk. For those who don't know, you can disable a hopper by a powered redstone circuit running into the hopper directly, or a powered block beside it.
    To get there you'll need to type "/v 10225" while connected to the smp5 server and look for an opening between the yellow and orange portal.
    And you get to teleport blocks, jump on top of the block in the middle.
    Come to the Wooden Fortress! Another place where you can buy items in bulk!
    ~Fresh Prices, Fresh Products, Everyday!~ Address 10225 on the smp5.
  2. Updated the flooring of the place, the walls are still dirt but I went clay hunting and brought back around 2 DC of Clay balls. When the bricks are made I'll start updating the walls.

    Here's what it looks like right now: 2015-02-15_20.44.08.png