Turkey Slicer Non-Final Loss

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How do you feel about this?

I never had a Non-Final Slicer but I still believe it makes sense 5 vote(s) 13.9%
I had a Non-Final Slicer and I really like this idea 6 vote(s) 16.7%
I had a Non-Final Slicer but think that it's ok that I got just a regular slicer in return 4 vote(s) 11.1%
I never had a Non-Final Slicer but think it's ok that those who once had one didn't get anything 21 vote(s) 58.3%
  1. So here I am again. This time I'm giving a suggestion for those who have lost something very dear to them recently. No, this is not a family member or friend, it is a 2014 Non-Final Turkey Slicer. Honestly, those were worth so much money, and they are like the 2013 cakes only EXTREMELY OP. I can definitely understand why you would remove these, but I just feel as though we lost more than what we received. It's practically like a 10mil profit possibility loss. I really hope you can get where I'm coming from. This is not in intentions to start a riot. This is just our little form of "peaceful protesting" so if you are here to riot, leave now.

    Recommendations you may ask? Why thank you for asking that. Instead of spending forever coming up with an idea, I have made some!!!

    #1 Perfect Potato
    #2 Mashed Potatoes

    I was at a bit of a "writer's block" today and so I could only make these but if you hate these I can make more. Of course you don't even have to do this but I really hope you understand where I'm coming from. And again as I said this was NOT meant to start a riot but instead to be a peaceful way to speak our opinions. Thanks!
  2. Honestly, I know why it had to be taken and I appreciate it. I loved that sword beyond what is reasonable for an animated sword. I might have married it on smp8 (is that where all the marriages to items go down?), but it was really, really OP.

    I liked that the sword, was in fact a sword. Is it possible that instead of ordinary slicers we could get our name on them or get Looting 3 or remove the Soulbound from them? I don't know if they tracked the ones they changed or what, but it'd be awesome to have something unique, even if it isn't extremely OP.

    I really like the idea of having a Turkey Slicer with no Final or Soulbound.
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  3. I'm actually against this idea, I think a few people got lucky and then were mad about it, I also realize that some people spent a lot of money and then found the item was worth a lot less, but I think that is just a natural part of the economy. It would be no different then having a rare item before the 80k member drop party and then finding out the admins are dropping more of that item. the price goes down, but that's the risk.
  4. My response to this is 3 words. 2013 Birthday Cake
  5. I know, but things change, recently I talked to krysyy about items that staff made mistakes with and maybe giving people things in exchange for them, but she said that they don't do that.
  6. It's like the Nether Hound Egg. It comes from a bug but was allowed to be kept by those who obtained them. The difference between these two and the sword is that the egg and cake are just renamed items. If the egg could spawn an enraged mob instead of just a renamed wolf, it would probably have been recalled. The birthday cake is just a special rename for a cake. It doesn't do anything, it doesn't have unlimited uses, and it can't be changed or enchanted.
  7. I do not see a reason for this.

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  8. EMC has let people keep glitched items many times before. Just because people got lucky and were mad doesn't mean a replacement isn't okay. Sometimes people think explaining a situation makes the whole thing invalid.
    There are lots of voter's pickaxes with looting out there. Netherhound eggs...
    It wasn't just luck either. I pursued one starting the second the turkeys were added. The bug fix was simultaneous with me getting my second one. I did see someone get one from their first turkey kill though.

    The only reason this one had to be removed is cause it was too OP. If it didn't have soulbound, it wouldn't be.
  9. Exactly. That's why he's asking for a replacement that doesn't have unlimited uses.
    ...or mashed potatoes.
  10. The items that were kept before such as Netherhound eggs weren't incredibly OP like the turkey slicer that had to be corrected. So it had to be adjusted. Don't just look at it as others getting to keep their glitched past items but on a scale from Not So OP to Incredibly OP. The sword fell within the 8-10 range on that.
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  11. and no, it was a 9. The only limitation it had was that it wasn't a full set of tools.
  12. As I earlier said. I see why it was taken from us since it was OP but that doesn't mean we can't get something. Stop posting that it was to OP. I clearly stated that I know this.
  13. +1 all the way
  14. Im sorry for your loss, but expecting us to refund you further is ludicrously greedy and will not happen.

    I advise you go look up what Thanksgiving is really supposed to be about instead of making demands you can't possibly expect us to fulfill.

    Edit: the example of the 2013 birthday cake does not apply because that was a simple naming mistake, not a ridiculous lack of an enchantment that makes the sword overpowered beyond all means.
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  15. Wait do the turkeys no longer drop these then? Is anything else being dropped other than the turkey meat? not that i even got one of em lol im not very turkey lucky
  16. They are dropped, but they have the Final enchantment applied so the sword is not ridiculously OP
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  17. makes since:) ill keep killing to get a sword anyways. Sounds like it was a good fix to make em not op at all.
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  18. My 2014 cake wasn't 2013, but it was placeable, and the only one like. This was due to a bug on Smp8 during the release. Aikar reset the server to correct it when I told him about it. I got a normal promo back, and nothing else.
  19. Ok then, well you know as some are saying that wasn't OP and you didn't lose it bc it was OP.
  20. It was a one-of-a-kind, with properties unavailable to any other. I got quite a few people excited about it, too - a few being potential shoppers.
    Seriousness aside, it's most OP ability was getting Aikar over to my res, where I was able to make this gem in his idleness...
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