Tuesday Mob Arena

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  1. Welcome to Tuesday Mob Arena
    Hosted by: Toade
    5:30 EMC time

    Tuesday Mob Arena starts at 5:30 EMC time and will consist of three rounds of mob killing fun.

    Join: /v mobarena on smp5

    Round 1: No items round. - Winner wins 200 tokens
    Round 2: Items round. - Dropped items and Winner wins 300 tokens
    Round 3: No items round. - Winner wins 200 tokens

    * Normal item rounds: All armor, weapons and buffs allowed.
  2. Nice!

    I'm trying to be there =D
  3. Cool! I'll try to come! :)
  4. Sweet I'll prob come :D
  5. Ill be there!
  6. Sweet!

    No picture spams just albums!
    6/23/2015: http://imgur.com/a/yuJnG

    None :mad:

    - 6/23/2015: This was very fun I loved every bit of it and how I got 2nd in the only armor/gear round :D The boss battle was better spectating than being in the arena! I do suggest that everyone goes to these, very fun!
  7. YEAHHHH socko!! We <3 Smp3
  8. Yay! I'll try to be there :D
  9. I love the new Mrsocks MA logo :D
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  10. Scheduled to avoid getting throttled by Best Coast working folk, I see. I hereby award myself 10,000 tokens for winning the Dinthar Mob Arena.
  11. New server?
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  12. I am looking for ways to make Tuesday's Mob Arena different and better (more exciting and fun). Unlike RainbowChin I am not able to do some of the fancy things seen on Saturday's as I am a simple moderator but I want your suggestions. This event is for you!

    Some suggestions I have already received:
    More rounds. - This one is hard but I will do my best to offer an extra round here and there.
    Boss arena rounds. - This is coming now that we have some of the bugs with the new arena worked out.

    What do you suggest? Comment below.

  13. I believe your MobArena's are great no complaints only thing i would add is Blazes?(Blazing Blazes)? I find these really could test people in there PVP skills but ik the only problem with this mob is that they can fly up the HUGE gapping hole in the middle
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  14. lol that was a long time ago im guessing, when emc was new.
  15. The date is Oct. 17 2014...
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  16. I was so close :(
  17. Tonight is going to be awesome! I've never seen a boss arena round.:D
  18. Oh man the last boss arena round was terrifying