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    Lol so me and monorailx, whom is on smp7 pretty often, decided to take advantage of his cousin(8abyss8) not logging off on another computer nearby > :)
    We took his poor little character into the wild just outside the safe zone, and trapped him in obsidian 2 layers thick every direction...With no pick xD! So with bare hands I believe it takes 5 minutes to mine obsidian, meaning it'll take him at least 20 minutes to get out ahahaha.

    So what's the best troll/prank you've played on someone in EMC?(Not saying this is my best :p)
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  2. I am just generally annoying and trick people. Some thing like,
    "Hey who wants free stacks of diamonds?" "I do!" "Well I do, too."
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  3. You know that is griefing and you are a bunch of tools, right?
  4. I say:
    "Who wants free stuff?!?!"
    "Ok. Do you know where to find some?
  5. Me and nfell2009 once went onto smp 1 when it was busy and we told everyone there was a free beacon at spawn and then he left straight away, fun times :D
  6. lulz
  7. When we had the week of mob disguise, Sonicol1 and I just messed about on obruce's res as creepers. He was freaking out and talking about banning people and we were laughing hard until he started accusing people so we had to come clean.
  8. Also another time I also remember is when we had mob disguise and this guy hadn't been on for a couple of days so i went to his res and he was like 'Creeper! Creeper at my res' it was very funny.
  9. I hope you let him out when he got back on, or you put him where he could /Town or /Home.

    I was once working on something with some people who liked to build boxes around AFK people. They did this to me but while they weren't paying attention, I mined a tunnel and blocked it up with some stone I had. Then I tunneled away. They thought I logged out at first then wondered how I got out.
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  10. Yeah Pab, Mono let me out.....after he was away for a night with me unaware of how I got out there...Mono, whilst being my cousin is also a tool lol....he now has to be on permanent guard to make sure he doesn't leave his pc unattended while I am around :D
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  11. Trolling on all servers whilst invisible.
  12. :p I know haha :p
    Sorry I haven't responded to my own thread :/ Kinda been busy now I'm sick and yeah...
  13. Lol rage much? It's not griefing, and it's not that big of a deal...

    Eh JK I'd probably say that too.
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  14. BTW, a good troll doesn't state that he's trolling.
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  15. Ah, I see grand, wise master... Teach me thy ways...
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  16. 1. Use good grammar: The worst trolls use leet speak.
    2. If you can't get someone mad or to believe what you're saying in 15 minutes, give up and move on.
    3. Never use the same topic for trolling twice on the same site.
    4. Do not use the party of lemons to troll people, everyone knows about it now.
  17. For all those who think that these people are tools and jerks, as long as the person they pulled the prank on is fine with it and isn't mad at all I think that it was ok to do this. Although, don't take it too far.
  18. U M34n 1ik3 thi5?
  19. I made people think I was nick_godoy.
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  20. Aikar spent 0ver 30 minutes dropping anvils on me and a few others on SMP5 once, all the while I'm blaming Maxarias >.<