[Trading] Blizz Nose/Eye for Blizz Arm

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  1. Title says it all! If you have an arm that you'd wanna trade, pm/whisper me here in the forums/post a message/whisper me in game.
  2. I believe ThaKloned is trading an arm for an eye. :)
  3. Why are the arms so hard to get? I've gotten two noses and three eyes and zero arms :(
  4. I'm the exact opposite, I've gotten 6 arms and nothing else so far, I'm open for trades.
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  5. Give you an eye for an arm.
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  6. Mailed :)
  7. would you trade a nose for an arm, naekal?
  8. Sure, I'll mail it as soon as i get on

    Edit: Mailed!