Torture By Music

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  1. So, I was playing Minecraft with my friend, and he had recently gone on a trip for his church. I pulled out my tablet to play some annoying music, but he said he couldn't be annoyed after how annoying all the people were there, so I took it as a challenge to make the most annoying playlist ever. I call it Torture By Music and would like some ideas for annoying songs.
    I currently have:
    Cotton Eye Joe
    Derp (Feat. Ssundee) By Approaching Nirvana
    Be Alive! By Nightcore
    Jingle Bells By Annoying Orange (What the heck?)
    Mobbusters By Annoying Orange

    Please do not suggest any songs with swearing or other stuff like that
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  2. He hates country, Taylor Swift, and One Direction. He likes some electric music like a little dubstep.