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  1. Ok so I just painfully stupidly smashed my toe against a chair when I was running in my house and it HURTS. What are some ways I can stop the pain without using Advil or somthing. I put a small icepack on it but what is another way? It isn't bleeding.
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  2. Play minecraft
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  3. I just jam it in the wall until it stops hurting. If its swelled up, dont use this method. It will lead to popping the swelling part. I recommend checking if the toe is infected. If the toe IS infected, get a Q-tip, put water on it, and gently sweep the infected part. After you're done with the Q-tip, put like 5 cubes in a Ziplock bag and wait like a hour or so to heal. It will heal in 4 days or less :)

    EDIT: I'm a doctor, so I've had experience :D
  4. I think actually commenting worthwhile is a better way :)

    You could also try soaking your foot for a bit, it will help loosen up the muscles and ease the pain.
  5. Well yeah, just go to sleep and the pain will go away.
  6. Try gently rubbing your foot around where it hurts, then, like many others have said, add ice. Make sure to have a washcloth or towel between your foot and the ice so you don't get TOO cold, just cold enough to reduce the swelling. :)
  7. I still think that his toe is infected....
    Thats a sign that it is infected. Why would you be running in your house? xD.... Did u do it today
  8. "RICE" - rest, ice, compression, elevation.

    Put your foot higher than your heart (ie lie on a couch with your foot on the arm, or someth). A fairly tight bandage would help, too - not so tight that it cuts the circulation off, but enough to keep a bit of pressure. Maybe for 30 mins.

    Don't put ice directly on it; instead, put some ice-cubes/blocks/ice-pack or frozen peas inside a towel.
  9. Yea, I was bored and I was running to get the phone it rang like 2 times before I got up. I also hit me pinkie toe >.>
  10. Fuggedaboudit, order a pizza, and party on minecraft all night!
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  11. Everyone:

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