To Kill A Killer

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Do you think you can kill me?

Yes 16 vote(s) 53.3%
No 1 vote(s) 3.3%
Why can't we be friends 13 vote(s) 43.3%
  1. So I played PvP today and made an open offer to every player, mods, supporters, and non-supporters alike. This offer is that for the first person to kill me in PvP will get 25,000 rupees and my head. Good luck and have fun in PvP!!!
  2. Do you use potions/golden apples?
  3. you can use anything and so can i, it's all free game
  4. That would take... A long time...
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  5. he is op :p
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  6. thanks ultimamaxx and no one has killed me yet and the prize will be up for grabs tomorrow. I am also going to raise the prize to 30,000 rupees
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  8. Lol it is very difficult to kill him, trust me I tried.
  9. they tried to kill me while using strength potions, jump potions, speed potions, and god apples and i still havent died, which is why im doing this challenge. Whomever can kill me will get the 30k reward and my head
  10. I would, But homework is calling.
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  11. im doing this till someone kills me, so if it goes into the weekend, then you have a chance
  12. The Battle of 2 OP pvp-ers.. #Whowilldiefirst?
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  13. Ill win this easily. I am the immortal Black Knight.
  14. and i am the unkillable polar bear, using my Polar Bear power to murder those in my way
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  15. Who else has depth strider on thier pvp armour?
  16. I do, makes for a quick escape if needed
  17. Is there a cool down on op apples? If not it might be very difficult/impossible to defeat anyone if they're carrying around a stack of those.
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  18. It's is useful for many things...
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  19. There is no cool down, but even if someone uses tons of regen potions or shiny flesh or even regular golden apples, you can get the same effect as God apples